SSE Internship Experience Sharing Session 2021

On April 18th,the Graduate Student Union of SSE in Hefei held Internship Sharing Session to guide students for internship period.A number of senior schoolmates have been invited to share their internship experiences and answer questions.

In early April, members of the Graduate Student Union of SSE in Hefei divided the tasks of collecting questions, contacting senior schoolmates,coordinating time,live broadcasting video App testing and news sharing among the classmates.

As convenience and time-efficiency is concerned,the Internship Experience Sharing Session is conducted online by live broadcasting software. The online live broadcasting booth is tested and then the session is formally started.First, senior schoolmates shared their experiences at different stages of the internship including resume writing, resume sending and interview preparation.After the information sharing senior schoolmates carefully answered all the questions which are of significance.The atmosphere on the session was open and friendly.

Altogether four senior schoolmates have shared their experiences during the internship and have given advice from the perspective of both the companies they are now in and their job roles.After the session our students have clearer ideas about their goals and their own directions.Wish all the students good luck for finding dream internship jobs.